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Full Mouth Reconstruction Harley Street London

Here at Dental Implants Lifeline we have many years of experience with full mouth reconstruction techniques. This applies to patients who have lost most or all their teeth and would like to avoid dentures and have fixed teeth.

This can also apply to patients who are currently wearing full or partial dentures in either or both jaws and would like to have a fixed replacement. Full mouth restoration is a complex and lengthy procedure which requires a dedicated team approach to patient care, which is integral to the philosophy of our practice.

In order to restore patients back to health and aesthetics, we carry out many diagnostic tests including.

These features are unique to each patient and our expertise in dealing with the most severe cases of tooth loss enable us to perform the kind of miracles which have been able to transform the lives of so many people. Patients tell us that they feel and look many years younger after the treatment especially with the comfort and convenience of fixed teeth giving the ability to smile and eat with confidence.

full mouth reconstruction with implantsPatient came in wearing an upper denture. as you can see, when the patient smiled they showed a lot of gum.
Abutments in situ all aligned and parallel.
Full arch porcelain bridgework
Bridgework in situ
Final Teeth. Look how the soft tissue has contoured even though there were no teeth to begin with. patient is happy to be smiling again.

"Restoring Function, Faces & Lives"