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Dental Implant Pain

Once you have had dental implant surgery and the anesthetic wears off, you will feel some dental pain, the same sort of pain you would feel after any other dental surgery. The pain that you will feel is usually very mild, but it does depend on how complex your procedure was. If you had a single implant placed and had a good strong jaw with sufficient bone density you may not feel any pain at all, if you do the pain should subside within 2-3 days. If you had multiple implants along with bone grafting you should expect to feel some discomfort lasting from a few days into weeks along with swelling of the gums, face and possible bruising. If you have a severe pain that is lasting longer than expected, this could be a sign of post-surgery complication. Although implant dentistry has a very high success rate, here at Dental Implants Lifeline we boost a 99.3% success rate.

Sometimes it has been known for some surgeons and patients to come across complications, how this is created depends on the skill of the surgeon. Dental Implants Lifeline oral surgeon is Dr Ashok Sethi a world pioneer in implant dentistry, so much so it is not uncommon for Ashok to be fixing other surgeon’s failed restorative work.

Dental pain is the most common symptom of a post implant surgery complication, some symptoms that there may a problem causing pain include:

Implant infection ( Peri-Implantitis )

This is one of the most common problems that leads to dental implant failure, the probable cause is poor disinfection during surgery and poor oral hygiene after surgery.

Incorrect loading

Pain is caused when there is too much pressure whilst placing/screwing  the dental implant thus resulting in a  build up of pressure and inflammation of the jaw bone.

Wrong Placement

Implant pain is caused here, when the implant is placed in the wrong position, angle or height. This wrong placement causes dental implant pain as it can create a bad bite and an excessive force on the implant.

Wrong Position

Pain can be caused when an implant is placed in the wrong position for example, too close to a natural adjacent tooth thus creating pain due to the pressure.

Nerve Pressure

Pain from your dental implant can be caused by nerve pressure if the implant has been placed too close to the nerve, so when the mouth is in function the implant presses the nerve during chewing.

Nerve Damage

Pain can be caused from the jaw nerve if it has been damaged during drilling the implant socket, this will lead to chronic dental implant pain.

Thankfully many infections can be treated with modern medicine such as antibiotics, these medications help to avoid dental implant failure. Nerve damage could be considered one of the more serious complications as it can create severe pain, another issue that nerve damage can cause is numbness of the lips, cheeks or chin. Although antibiotics and pain killers can provide temporary pain relief, in most cases in our experience, removing the dental implant is necessary to stop the dental implant pain. Ashok has had to remove and replace many dental implants where the surgery has been carried out elsewhere. Ashok is most cases can resolve the issue the causes the pain and can place you a new dental implant, pain free. Always keep in mind that if you are experiencing pain from your dental implant this could be a sign that your dental implant may be starting to fail. We recommend coming to see Ashok in our Harley Street practice and let him resolve the issue. Once you have seen Ashok, he will be able to advise you on the best way to move forward as complications can lead to bone infection and jaw bone loss.

Dental Implant Rejection?

If you have become patient to dental implant rejection or problems please contact us to discuss treatment options.

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