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Dental Implant Failure Treatment

Many patients who have had dental implant treatment suffer with minor or very serious problems after surgery. Most of these patients are told nothing can be done they are left with treatment that is far from ideal. Sometimes these issues arise many years after treatment. What caused them is not for discussion here. If you have been told that nothing more can be done for you and your failing or problem implants, we want to restore some faith and let you understand that is probably not the case. Dental Implants Lifeline focus on treating poor and failed dental implants. Below is a selection of poor and failed dental implant work that we have restored.

Failed & Problem Dental Implant Cases Treated.

Food Packing- Pus, Swelling & Terrible Smell

This young lady came in to see us with horrendous looking teeth, with pus, swelling and a terrible smell caused by the food packing under the poorly constructed teeth. (Images 1 & 2) To solve this problem, the implants needed to be removed, and the lost bone replaced with a bone graft followed by new implants and new crowns. The new crowns can be seen emerging from the gum, as natural teeth should do. (Images 3 & 4)

dental implant food packing
swollen gums
implant placed on incorrect position
Repaired and fixed implant

Implant Maintenance - Broken Implants

This patient had been treated 15 years before with a hotchpotch of implants and a removable denture. (Image 1) She wanted fixed teeth. Therefore we located the manufacturers of these old implants and provided this delightful patient with fixed teeth and a beautiful smile. (Image 2)

dental implant food packing
poor implant fitted bridge work
implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile

Poor Aesthetics & Incorrect Facial Profile Poor Bridge Work

This patient came to us with very poor aesthetics and incorrect facial profile. (Image 1) Upon investigation it was clear that the implants were exposed and the poor design of the bridge work was to blame. (Image 2) She was lucky, we were able to save the implants and provide her with new bridge work in the right position restoring her natural appearance. (Image 3) & (Image 4)

implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile

Poor Aesthetics, Bite and Function

This wonderful lady had several missing teeth and a terrible bite with the lower teeth biting into the roof of the mouth. (Images 1 & 2) A colleague had sent her to us for treatment because she had medical problems and needed to be treated under special care. Modern technology is such that we were able to plan her treatment using 3-D imaging and models made from the CT scan. All the planning was done on the computer and the laboratory in preparation for the special day. (Image 3) Then – all in one day, under general anesthetic in the hospital, we removed the failing teeth and placed the implants and fitted the temporary teeth on the same day. She woke up with perfect-looking teeth that she could actually eat with. The end result based on the temporaries can be seen. (Image 4) Now she can eat and smile – and she has her confidence back. (Image 5)

implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile
implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile
corrected facial profile

Gum Shrinkage, No Bone- Bone Grafting

The patient came to see Ashok and Peter and had been wearing dentures since she was 26. She had a high degree of gum shrinkage and there was no bone left to be able to place any implants. You can see that her face had totally collapsed. (Image 1) To make this possible we needed to build up the bone in the upper and lower jaws with bone grafts taken from the hip. Once the graft had healed we were able to place implants in to the new jaw bone and finally give her fixed teeth. Looking at the final result you can see that the facial profile has been restored giving the patient a much more youthful look along with a new smile and confidence. She can now eat whatever she likes, her normal aesthetics have been returned and she feels comfortable to laugh and smile amongst friends. (Image 2)

implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile

Low Cost Oversea Implant Work- Poorly Fitted Bone Destruction

Looking at the image you can see the inside of the mouth where the implants were failing. (Image 1) Ashok had to remove all of the implants from the jaw. The patient will require a bone graft from the hip because of the destruction caused by the failing implants. These implants were done overseas at low cost which has ended up being a much higher cost. The patient came in with the bone loss causing the collapse of the face. (Image 2)

implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile

Implant in Incorrect Position and Failing Gum Graft

In the first case being presented you can see that the patient had an implant previously placed in an incorrect position. A gum graft was also performed as part of the previous treatment to try to cover the exposed metal from the failing implant. Unfortunately the gum graft started to rot. (Image 1) As you can imagine the patient was in great distress when Ashok and Peter initially met to assess and create a treatment plan. Peter and Ashok worked together and first restored the patient’s aesthetics. This required a bone graft to replace the lost bone then a second implant was placed into the new grafted jaw bone followed by a new Crown. (Image 2) It is always easier to get it right first time.

implant placed on incorrect position
Repaired implant and gum graft

Exposed Implant- Bone Graft

This patient with a broad smile came to us, showing an ugly long tooth (Image 1) This needed attention. In order to investigate the problem the gum was lifted and it was shocking to see the implant was so poorly placed resulting in exposure of the implant. (Image 2) In order to solve this problem, all teeth needed to be addressed and required a bone graft and 4 implants. (Image 3) Eventually restoring the patient's smile. (Image 4)

long implant crown
exposed implant from gum
implant placed on incorrect position
Repaired and fixed implant

Poor Fitted Bridge - Food Packing

The patient had seven implants placed having been promised a fixed bridge. This is not an un-realistic expectation. (Image 1) The patient ended up with a denture of very poor quality and essentially the patient was no better off. What an expensive over denture. (Image 2)

implant placed on incorrect position
corrected facial profile

"Fixing Mouths, Restoring Lives"

Denture Food Trapping

implant supported denture food trapping

This lady had dental implants restoring the upper jaw with a metal and plastic denture which was unattractive and trapped food. She found this very difficult to keep clean and also suffered when this device fractured as she had to spend time without her teeth whilst it was being repaired in the laboratory.

Poor Aesthetics

Implant poor position

This lady had an implant placed in the front of her mouth to replace one of her missing central incisor teeth. The implant was placed in a position which meant that the tooth restoration was much longer than the neighboring natural tooth which spoilt the aesthetics of her smile.

Poor Overseas Implants

incorrect bite on poor placed implant

These implants were also placed abroad in the lower jaw. The implants were so badly placed that they did not correspond to the correct tooth positions at all meaning they could not support restorations. The patient had also suffered damage to his gums as a result of the poorly designed temporary teeth he had been given.

Poor Bite Alignment

bite alignment bad and wrong

This patient had implants placed abroad in the lower jaw. The implants were placed in positions that could not be restored and did not correspond to the correct tooth positions. This also meant that the teeth in the lower jaw could not be brought into alignment with the teeth in the upper jaw.

20 Year Implant Failure

failed implants over 20 years

This patient had implants placed and restored 20 years ago. The remaining teeth failed over a period of time and were replaced by a denture. The patient wanted to get rid of the denture so new implants were placed and the old implants were lined up with the existing implants for a new fixed bridge.

Whistle When Speaking

Whistle When Speaking food trapping and poor hygiene

The upper front teeth were restored with implants and were clearly unsatisfactory for this young patient. He found them difficult to clean and food was getting trapped around them. He was also whistling through the gap in the front.

Add To Implant Denture

Addeding new implants to old implant supported denture

his lady had an implant supported denture and when the natural teeth failed, we were able to incorporate new implants with the old implants and get rid of the denture all together by means of a fixed implant supported bridge.

Lack of Jaw Bone & Gum

No jaw bone for implant and gum needed bone graft

This patient had only four natural teeth left and was told that he could not have fixed teeth due to lack of bone and gum. After augmenting the bone, he was able to have fixed teeth in the upper and lower jaws retaining the quality of life he had with his own teeth before they were lost.

Bad Breath Implant Denture

implant secured denture caused food packing poor hygiene and bad breath

This lady was restored with dental implants and metal acrylic dentures were screwed in to the implants to provide her with teeth. She was very dissatisfied with the end result which left her with food packing, inability to clean underneath, bad breath and a poor aesthetic result. We were able to change the restoration to provide her with natural looking teeth which were easy to clean and felt good.