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Dental Implant Failure, Rejection Symptoms

In today’s modern world of implant dentistry, it is still a very complicated procedure to have a dental implant placed. It is always a possibility that failure may occur, there are several conditions that can lead to dental implant failure. The success of dental implant surgery depends on other factors such as position of the placed tooth, pre-existing dental and health conditions. The majority of dental implant problems occur during the first year of placement. After the first year most causes of dental implant failure, is due to improper aftercare and poor oral hygiene. If your dental implant is cared for properly and is advised by your surgeon, it can last for your lifetime without the need of maintenance

What is considered a dental implant failure?

The cause of dental implant failure, although can be for many different reason, is related to the osseo integration process. The most common reason for a dental implant failure, is the implant failing to bond with the jaw bone. A dental implant failure is determined by the inability to maintain a stable implant. One of the first indications that your dental implant may be failing is inflammation in the bone that surrounds the implant. Being able to spin or move the implant around its vertical axis is a clear sign that your implant is failing. Sometimes a failed dental implant could just fall out whilst eating or talking, technically your implant is considered to have failed if there is movement, bone loss greater than 1mm. In the first year it falls out or a bone loss of 0.2mm in any year after the first.

What are your options after dental implant failure?

Ashok and Peter are specialists at dealing with implant failure. Sometimes it is not the end of the road for you and dental implants. The way in which Ashok and Peter will treat your case will of course depend on the cause of your dental implant failure, you would need to come to our Harley Street dental practice to be assessed.

Implant breakage with no bone loss or damage.

In this case a new dental implant should be able to be placed once the old damaged implant has been removed. This will need to be confirmed at the practice.

Implant infection and Osseo integration problems.

If there has been a small amount of bone loss the implant area may need to be left to heal or depending on very strict criteria another implant may be placed. If there has been a higher rate of bone loss then bone grafting may be carried out, if the conditions make it possible to do so. Sometimes it is possible to remove the failed implant, bone graft and replace an implant on the same day. No infection can be present. Each case is unique and individual so you would need to be seen at the practice for a more detailed prognosis.

Groups of people that have a increased risk of dental implant failure, people that smoke heavy, drug and alcohol abusers, people that have diseases like:

  • Diabetes.
  • Hemophilia.
  • Immune deficiencies
  • People with bruxism.
  • Younger patients with undeveloped jaw bones.
  • Patients with severe bone loss or low bone density.
  • People who have had radiation therapy to the head and neck area.

The success of a dental implant is related highly to the skill and quality of the implant dentist. Ashok Sethi has pioneered UK and internationally he is world renowned implant surgeon. If you have or think your dental implant may be failing, come and see Ashok and take the steps to having successful dental implant treatment.


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